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Sale of lot lands

Sale of lot lands

Region: Zaporogje
Area: Hortica
Area of lot land: 20.4Ha

General information

  • Location: Zaporogje city
  • Plot's shape: poligone
  • Target purpose: garden
  • Property form: private
  • The remoteness of the border Kyiv: 1 m from Sovetskiy pr.
  • Communications: electric, gas, water
  • For the hundredth part Price: 10 000$/hundreth part


  • This site represents an ideal location for cottage town
  • The relief station with a small quiet sloping towards the r.Dnepr
  • The excellent transport accessibility
  • Excellent environment
  • Excellent engineering conditions
  • The possibility of an integrated engineering site
  • The site is located along the carriageway of the Soviet prospectus in 750 meters from the entrance to the bridge over the river. Dnipro in the district Hortitskoy
  • Currently, near the old bridge under construction of additional new bridges across r.Dnepr

Additional conditions:

  • Possible sale of the site in parts. Part of the site (~ 8 hectares), located closer to r.Dnepr - for construction and operation of cottage village, as part of the field, which pass along pr.Sovetsky to accommodate multi-trade and entertainment center
  • The owner of the site is ready to quickly change the purpose of land with horticultural reference to the deployment of any facility for community service territorial area (of the trade, catering, shopping and leisure centers, hotels, car, etc.)

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