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Sale of lot lands

Sale of lot lands

Region: Kyiv region
Area: Kyivo-Svjatoshin
Area of lot land: 36 Ha

General information

  • Location: Hodoseevka village
  • Plot's shape: rectangle
  • Target purpose: for cottage town construction
  • Property form: private
  • The remoteness of the border Kyiv: 7 km from KP (Novoobuhov trail)
  • Communications: electric, gas, water
  • For the hundredth part Price: 8 400$/hundreth part


  • This site represents an ideal location for cottage town
  • The excellent transport accessibility (Novoobuhov trail)
  • Excellent environment
  • Excellent engineering conditions
  • The possibility of an integrated engineering site
  • On the plot located two lakes and river siverka
  • On the growing pine and deciduous forests
  • The high noise insulation construction site
  • Low population density, low buildings (no fuss, chamber environment)
  • The size and configuration of the site allow to realize comprehensive project of its buildings
  • Areas adjacent to the site are highly prestigious for habitation, thus affecting the value of the land and housing

Additional conditions:

  • There is a master plan for construction site
  • There is a conceptual decision cottage village
  • The prospect of increasing plot
  • All communication engineering center
  • All documents

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