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Analysis of the best use of Plot

Analysis of the best use of Plot

Region: Dnepropetrovsk region
Area of lot land: 33 Ha
Purpose: under cottage development

Location: Dnepropetrovsk region, Dnepropetrovsk area

The specialists of SV Development company performed the analysis of the best and the most effective use of Plot located at  Dnepropetrovsk area (Dnepropetrovsk region).
Within this work the suburban cottage towns market has been analyzed (demands, supply, trends), weak and strong sides of the Plot were determined, and financial models for three different variants of project's realization were built. 

Key parts of the report:

  • Marketing analysis;
  • Plot's location analysis;
  • Competitive environment analysis by property types;
  • Capacity and volume of target market by different segments;
  • Selection of the most optimal formats of plot's development;
  • Options for object positioning;
  • Format and zoning (several options);
  • Architectural and building concept;
  • Pricing principles, product line and merchandising;
  • Problem zones of the market, perspective directions, etc.;
  • Project's risk analysis;
  • Detailed financial and economic indices of the project.

Upon the work's results, the Customer was submitted information on the Plot's realization strategy, all development parameters (infrastructure area, quantitative, qualitative and price characteristics, etc.), financial indices and models of economic efficiency made up pursuant to main hypothesis.

Cottage towns

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